Logo design for Green Tree Ring Arboricultural Consultancy
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Logo Design for arboricultural company


Make the company memorable:

  • In an abstract and artistic way, the logo visually resembles the shape of tree rings.
  • The letter “G”, which is formed by the outer ring, makes the company name to be easily remembered.
  • For the company full name underneath the graphic, extra emphasis is placed on letters GTR, the abbreviation of Green Tree Ring.

Highly recognizable:

  • Clean shape and modern typography allows the logo to remain highly readable even when it is printed in very small size.
  • The logo can be flexibly adapted to be used in full color, monochrome or one color.
  • Simplistic design, yet just enough amount of details are preserved to avoid forgery.

Fresh color use:

  • The use of apple green color gives the impression of “fresh” and “energetic”, while the dark brown strikes a balance by adding the impression of “down-to-earth” and “reliable”.
  • This logo helps the company to stand out in the crowd while being approachable at the same time.
ClientGreen Tree Ring Arboricultural Consultancy 

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